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Child Friendly Movie Theaters

The delight of children while they go to see that first Disney or animated film is both joyous and a little stressful for the parents. As a movie theater owner you can help add the joy and excitement to even the littlest movie goer by listening and providing some basic equimpent to make them feel right at home.

Movie Times for Children

First make sure the child friendly movies are offered at a time that is best for children. Some theaters have even begun offering "Child / Baby Friendly" Movie times that are geared specifically for the little ones. These are usually offered early in the morning as the first show of the day. Parents know that their children will be welcome and they can watch a movie with other children without fear of disrupting the audience and movie goers without children know this is a time for families so they tend to avoid those movie times. Movie times are also offered for nursing moms so they can watch a movie usually in the morning to get out of the house and they feel comfortable watching a movie and being able to feed their child and maybe meet other nursing moms.

Summer Movie Programs

Many theaters offer summer movie programs for kids. These movies are not usually first run movies and are movies that have been out for a while. These movies many times are offered for free or at a significant discount at either $1 or $2 for the movie. These movies are a great way to introduce young children to the excitement of a movie in the theater and hear the difference surround sound can offer at a significant discount. These are your next generation movie goers so treat them well and they will come back to visit your movies again when they are older.

Child Friendly Movie Theater Booster Seats

KB424 Multi-Color KB424 Yellow KB425 Individual Seat

Koala Cinema Seat and Rolling Cart KB424 is perfect for movie theaters. This system is designed to boost the little movie goers up so they can see the movie easily. The top is cushioned to help make the movie experience enjoyable. These are great for Auditoriums and Arenas and anywhere a child needs a boost. The bottom  has molded in resistance ribs to provide stability without damaging the movie theater seat. The seat is large seating surface to provide seating to the widest variety of movie goers. You can purchase the entire rolling cart with 36 seats and a great storage cart for each theater. There are replacement seats available.

Baby Changing Stations to fit your needs

Koala KB200 Vertical Baby Changing Stations Oval Baby Changing Stations

If you are interested in offering a movie theater experience that is friendly for children, you need to offer a baby changing station for the littlest movie customers. Mother's appreciate a place to change their infants and toddlers and will remember the cleanliness of you movie theater. Keep you restroom spotless and accessible and you will bring repeat customers who really take notice of your facility.

Hand Dryers

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Automatic Hand Dryer Push Button Hand Dryer Eco-Green Hand Dryer

Hand Dryers help keep the litter down on in a public restroom. They help reduce paper towel waste and they provide a sanitary and quick way to dry your hands. There are a variety of hand dryers to fit your needs. Hand Dryers not only reduce waste, but they reduce maintenance expense and the cost of replacement paper towels. Hand Dryers are also more Environmentally friendly.