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CATO Red Frame w/ Lock for the Chief Fire Extinguisher Cabinet



 --- for 05 lbs cabinet --- 


 --- for 10 lbs cabinet --- 


 --- for 20 lbs cabinet --- 


These replacement frames for the CATO Chief and Island Chief fire extinguisher cabinets come with a lock and one key just as the original frame.  The key matches all of the other CATO Chief and Island Chief cabinets.  These frames come in two colors and three size and fit the white or the red cabinets.  The red frame can be installed on the white cabinet or white frame can be installed on red cabinet.  They are interchangeable.  The part number can be verified and matched with the correct fire extinguisher cabinet in the chart below.

Part Number Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Color Size
10555 10501    PC-105-5-R Red 5 lbs
11055 11001    PC-105-10-R Red 10 lbs
12055 12001    PC-105-20-R Red 20 lbs
10505 10551    PC-105-5-W White 5 lbs
11005 11051    PC-105-10-W White 10 lbs
12005 12051    PC-105-20-W White 20 lbs


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