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  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • ANSI & ASTM complaint
  • ADA Compliant with Recessing Flange (optional)
  • Recess up to 3.75" using Recessing Flange
  • Coin Slot U.S. $.50 - $3.00 and adjusted in $.25 increments
Brocar by Foundations 106-SS Stainless Steel Diaper Vendor Surface Mounted

The Brocar by Foundations stainless steel diaper vendor surface mounted 106-SS has a brushed finish and holds 24 diapers (107-DK diaper kit).  The coin slot can be set from U.S. $.50 - $3.00 and adjusted in $.25 increments.  ANSI and ASTM compliant.  ADA Compliant when installed with the optional recess flange.  Can be recessed up to 3.75" using optional recessing flange.

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Replaces the Brocar by Foundations Stainless Steel Diaper Vendor 105-SS.