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Gas Spring Cylinder for Older Brocar units

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Brocar Cylinder Replacement Kit for Stainless Steel Horizontal Changing Station C009-CYL

Gas spring cylinder replacement kit for older Brocar stainless steel changing stations manufactured before 2005 by Brocar now sold by Foundations Worldwide Inc.  Check the to see if the number on the cylinder matches SUPPA C16-17508

C003-CYL Cylinder replacement kit for horizontal polyethylene changer
C006-CYL Cylinder replacement kit for vertical polyethylene changer and & clad changer
C007-CYL Cylinder replacement kit for stainless changer
C009-CYL Cylinder replacement kit for OLDER Brocar stainless changer

Foundations Worldwide, Inc. C009-CYL equivalent to SUSPA C16-17508