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  • Complete PAK Assembly
  • Includes Tested and Approved Lexan Glazing and Caulking
  • Hurricane-Listed Door
  • Glass 1/4" Clear Polycarbonate - Complies with ASTME-1300-04 & -09
  • Caulking: Dow Corning 995 on each side of Glazing
  • Minimum size 3" x 3". Maximum size 24" x 62"


Air Louvers VLFEZHRC Hurricane and High Wind Velocity Lite Kit Pak


Complete PAK Assembly is a Belved Vision Lite for Applications Requiring safety from Wind-Bourne Debris. Includes Tested and Approved Lexan Glazing and Caulking.

Construction and Materials:
20 gauge galvanneal frame. Min size 3" x 3", Max 23-5/8" x 61-3/8"
Construction: 1-1/4" trim with mitered and welded corners, beveled return, continuous glass retainer, countersunk mounting holes. Screw fasten from room side into pre-punched mounting holes. This mounting method leaves corridor side of frame free of fasteners for aesthetic and security purposes.
Door: 1-3/4" Hurricane-Listed Door
Fasteners: #8 x 1" Flathead phillips SMS.
Glass: 1/4" Clear Plycarbonate. Complies with ASTME-1300-04 & -09
Caulking: Dow Corning 995 on each side of glazing

Severe Windstorm Approved Vision Frame Tested in Accordance with:
Missile Impact:
TAS 201, ASTM E 1996 (Impact 350 ft. lb., Missile Level D, DP Rating 55 psf
Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading: TAS 203, ASTM E 1886
Air Infiltration, Water Resistance, Structural Loading, Uniform Static Air Pressure, Forced Entry: TAS 202, ASTM E283, ASTM E331, ASTM E1300, FBC 2411 3.2.1
Windstorm Resistance, Door Components: ANSI A250.13
Certified by Warnock-Hersey
Florida Building Code Approval File #FL13187-R2
Miami-Dade County Florida Component NOA 17-0404.01

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VLFEZHRC Hurricane and High Wid Velocity Lite Kit
Opening Size
W x H
Opening Size
W x H
6" x 36" 18" x 18"
12" x 12" 18" x 24"
12" x 18" 18" x 60"
12" x 24" 20 x 10"
18" x 12" 24" x 36"

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  • Additional Powder Coat Finishes:
    Mineral Bronze (B), Gray (G), AMS Beige (AB), White (W), Sand (S), Silver (SI), Black (BK), Flat Black (FBK), SC Beige (SB), Brass (BRA)
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