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  • Retains its Grip
  • Self-Healing Properties - Pinholes Close After Removal of Push Pin
  • Does Not Attract Dust and Has Bacteriostatic Properties
  • Practical Solution in Classrooms
  • Hygienic Choice in Healthcare Environments
  • Produced from Natural and Renewable Raw Materials
  • Made from a Combination of Oxidized Linseed Oil, Resin, and Finely Ground Cork
  • Forbo® is Flexible and Resilient
  • Exceptional Durability and a Sustainable Footprint
ASI 9803 Forbo® Tackboard Bulletin Board - Oyster Shell


The ASI Visual Display Products Forbo® Tackboard Bulletin Boards are a widely accepted product and a practical solution in classrooms. They are an optimal choice for healthcare environments where hygiene is paramount. Produced from natural & renewable raw materials support LEEDS. Self-healing properties make this product a long term solution.


  • Produced from natural and renewable raw materials.
  • A combination of oxidized linseed oil, resin, and finely ground cork gives Forbo® its flexibility and resilience
  • This combination results in a product with exceptional durability and a sustainable footprint.
  • Self-healing properties - the pinholes close after extraction of the pins
  • Its strength and resilience make Forbo® the ideal material for pin boards, notice boards, and all other surfaces where ideas and information are exchanged
  • The board material retains its grip and doesn’t crumble like traditional soft boards
  • Practical & hygienic Forbo® does not attract dust and has bacteriostatic properties
  • Practical solution in classrooms and a hygienic choice in healthcare environments

Forbo Bulletin Board Sizes

Model Number Size Weight lbs.
980301404-2206 4' x 4' 39
980301406-2206 4' x 6' 57
980301408-2206 4' x 8' 75

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