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  • 6 Pack SKU Foam Dispenser Heads
  • Battery Operated - Uses 6 D Cell Batteries
  • Matte Black Finish
  • * Free * Remote Control Included
  • Top fill system - never go below counter to refill soap again
  • Muti Feed Kit and 5 Liter Container ** Sold Separately **

ASI 10-0393-6-1A-41 EZ-Fill™ Foam Soap Dispensing System Top Fill, 6 Pack Dispenser Head Battery Operated - Matte Black


American Specialties, Inc. (ASI) 10-0393-6-1-A-41 EZ-Fill™ Top-Fill 6 Pack Foam Dispenser Heads. Battery Operated - uses 6 D cell batteries. LED indicator light shows the function of the dispenser. Hands-Free - infrared sensor dispenses foam soap. Matte Black Finish.

Also available in A/C Operated Version 10-0393-6-1-AC-41

Dispenser Heads work with the EZ-Fill Top-Fill Muti-Feed Kit and Container. Expandable up to 6 dispensers. Multi-Feed Kit and 6 liter container sold separately. Top-Fill for easy maintenance. Never go under the counters again to refill soap containers. Easy universal remote control included that make the maintenance of soap dispensing a breeze.

Soap Requirements: 
Proper usage of this dispenser requires, that only soap within the following range for viscosity and pH may be used. 
Viscosity Range (mPa·s or cP): 1 – 100
pH Range: 5.5 ~ 8.5

Universal Remote Control (included with all 6 pack SKUs)
Adjusts the soap dispenser setting
Temporarily disable the sensor for cleaning or filling
Controls all dispensers
Remote Auto Dispenses capability

EZ Fill™Multi-Feed Kit and 6 Liter Container Sold Separately
Top Fill Multi-Feed Kit with 6 Liter Container

Remote Operating Manual Product Care & Maintenance
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