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  • UL Listed
  • Covers are 11 Gauge Aluminum Insulated with Fiberglass
  • 14 Gauge Galvanized Steel Curb and Curb Frame Fully Welded and Ground Smooth
  • Gasketed and Insulated for Weather Tightness
  • Torsion Spring Drives open the Covers Automatically
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Made in America

JL RVFGA Double Leaf Smoke Vents Various Sizes


RVFGA (Previous Model - UFV) Double Leaf Smoke Vents equipped with a UL listed 165º F fusible link for automatic operation.

Certifications: UL Listed. Tested to meet ANSI/UL793 standard for “automatically-operated roof vents". The smoke vents are equipped with a UL-listed 165º F fusible link for automatic operation. The fusible link can be quickly and easily replaced. a

Sizes: Models 48” x 48” up to 48” x 96” are UL listed. Roof Opening size is order size.
Insulation: 1” rigid fiber insulation strapped to the curb, lid has fiberglass insulation.
Construction: Covers are 11 gauge aluminum, curb and curb frame are 14 gauge galvanized steel, fully welded and ground smooth, gasketed with a continuous bulb gasket for weather tightness.
Operation: Torsion spring drives open the covers automatically. Shock absorbers control the speed of the leaves as they open.
Hardware: Heavy gauge aluminum 3/16” pivot hinges. Pull handles are provided for exterior or interior manual operation.
Finish: 2 coats silver prime coat.
Wind/Live Load & Uplift: Covers shall open against 10 psf (49 kg/m²) snow/wind load. Vent assembly rated for 40 psf (195 kg/m²) live load. Covers will remain closed under 90 psf (438 kg/m²) wind uplift force.


 Made In USA    


Roof Opening
Model Number Previous
Model Number
W x L Weight UL Listed
RVFGA-4848PSI UFV-1 48" x 48" 350 lbs. Yes
RVFGA-4872PSI UFV2 48" x 72" 450 lbs. Yes
RVFGA-4890PSI UFV-3 48" x 90" 550 lbs. Yes
RVFGA-4896PSI UFV-4 48" x 96" 600 lbs. Yes
RVFGA-6060PSI UFV-5 60" x 60" 500 lbs. No
RVFGA-6096PSI UFV-6 60" x 96" 650 lbs. No

Custom Sizes Available - Call for pricing

Available Options:

  • McCabe Link
  • 24 ga galvanized outer curb liner
  • Security Grille to Fit Opening
  • 370º UL Listed Fuse Link (replaces 165º fuse link)
  • Aluminum Curb and Curb Frame
  • Polyisocyanurate Insulation
  • Mill Finish for Covers and Curb for Aluminum Curb Option Domed Lid: See separate submittal

Activar CPG, Inc. Model Number: RVFGA-4848PSI, RVFGA-4872PSI, RVFGA-4890PSI, RVFGA-6060PSI, RVFGA6096PSI
Previous Model Numbers: JLI-UFV-1, JLI-UFV-2, JLI-UFV-3, JLI-UFV-4, JLI-UFV-5, JLI-UFV-6