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Alpine Hazel Hand Dryer
Alpine Hazel 402-10 Automatic Hand Dryer - White
Alpine Hazel 402-10 White Hand Dryer comes with plug-in or it is easily hardwired. 110/120V 50/60Hz. 1800 watts 18 amps. Alpine Hazel 402-10-WHI Automatic Hand Dryer is 110/120V and 50/60 HZ. Cover is ABS Plastic. Automatic Hand Dryer works by placing hands under dryer. The dryer turns off when hands are removed. This...
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    Retail: $45.00
    Price: $39.95

    World Dryer NOVA 1 Model 0830 plug-in hand dryer
    World Dryer NOVA 1 Model 0830
    Hassle free quick installation. The Nova 1 is considered the "go to" choice for many companies that need both an economical and ADA compliant hand dryer. This hand dryer is designed to be ultra compact and very quiet. The Nova 1...
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      Price: $211.49

      Nova 1 Plug-In Hand Dryer
      World Dryer NOVA 1 Plug-In Hand Dryer 0833
      Hassle free quick installation. World Dryer NOVA 1® Plug-In Hand Dryer 0833Product Benefits: Quick Installation Ultra Compact Automatic operation Low sound level Competitive pricing, great value Thermally protected motor Tamper...
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        Price: $226.13

        Nova 2 Hand Dryer White
        World Dryer NOVA 2 Model 0930
        Great Price and an Excellent Value, Automatically Activated by infrared sensors, Your Choice of Two Finishes The Nova 2 is considered the perfect choice for any company that needs an economical, efficient and ADA compliant hand dryer. This hand dryer is designed and crafted to be compact and extremely...
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          Price: $257.99

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