with Floor Anchored Overhead Braced Mounting Style


1.01 Work Included - The toilet partitions shall be high-density polyethylene (HDPE) polymer  with floor anchored overhead braced installation as distributed by AmeraProducts, Inc. @ 800-608-6568 or www.toiletstalls.com.

1.02 Related Work - Furnish labor and materials necessary for completion of work in this section as shown in approved drawings.


2.01 Doors and Pilasters - Shall be 1" thick (door and panels 55" high, pilasters 82" high) HDPE polymer that is water resistant and non-absorbent. A heat sinc shall be attached as standard to the bottom of all doors and panels.

2.02 Material - The HDPE material shall have homogenous color throughout each component with " machined edges for uniformity. Self-lubricating surface shall resist markings from pens, pencils and other writing instruments.

2.05 Color - Shall be selected from a full range of standard designer colors.

2.04 Door Hardware - Integral hinges shall be integrated into the door and pilaster with no exposed metal parts.  The " nylon gravity cam hinge with a 3/16" stainless steel center pin (bottom) and " nylon rod (top) shall be set during installation to desired open position when not locked. Slide latch, strike, keeper and coat hook shall be a brushed aluminum alloy to resist corrosion. Latch, strike and keeper shall be through bolted with tamper resistant barrel nuts and shoulder screws. Slide latch assembly shall allow for emergency access by lifting the door from the bottom.

2.05 Mounting Hardware - Panel brackets shall be 54" long and extruded from PVC resin with 6 through bolt panel attachment points. Panels shall be through bolted with tamper resistant barrel nuts and shoulder screws.

(Specifier option: Aluminum stirrup brackets with 3 attachments per pilaster and panel or full-length aluminum; or full length stainless steel brackets also available.)

2.06 Construction Design - partitions shall be anchored to the floor with a " x 1" stainless steel mounting bar attached to the bottom of the pilaster. Floor anchoring system shall be secured to the floor with 3/8" stainless steel anchors. The mounting system shall be concealed by molded plastic trim shoes secured with two metal clips incorporated into the floor anchor assembly. Aluminum head rail with anti-grip profile shall provide overhead bracing and span all compartments and brace the end pilaster to the back wall.


3.01 Installation - Shall be installed in accordance with installation instructions with partitions rigid, straight and plumb. Doors and panels shall be mounted 14" above the finished floor.