with Floor Anchored Overhead Braced Mounting Style


1.01 Work Included - The toilet partitions shall be powder coated steel with floor anchored overhead braced installation as distributed by AmeraProducts, Inc. @ 800-608-6568 or www.toiletstalls.com.

1.02 Related Work - Furnish labor and materials necessary for completion of work in this section as shown in approved drawings.


2.01 Doors, Panels and Urinal Screens - Shall be 1" thick and fabricated from tension-leveled, cold rolled commercial quality 22 gauge galvannealed steel.

2.02 Pilasters - Shall be 1-1/4" thick and fabricated from tension-leveled cold commercial quality 20 gauge galvannealed steel.

2.03 Material - Doors, panels, pilasters and urinal screens shall be manufactured with a honeycomb core bonded to the steel with a non-toxic adhesive to ensure solid construction and sound attenuation. All four components shall be assembled with a special interlocking roll formed crown molding, with the corners brazed and ground smooth.

2.04 Finish - Doors, panels, pilasters and urinal screens shall be power washed and phosphate treated for maximum finish color adhesion. All components shall be finished with a hybrid epoxy/polyester powder, electrostatically applied to ensure uniform thickness.

2.05 Color - Shall be selected from a full range of standard designer colors.

2.06 Door Hardware - Shall be a "stay-level" non rising cam action hinge that permit door to remain at desired position when not in use. Hinges, one-piece strike and keeper, coat hook, knob and escutcheon plate shall be chromium plated die-cast Zamac to resist corrosion. Hinges, strike and keeper shall be attached with tamper resistant sheet metal screws. Concealed latch assembly shall allow for emergency access. ADA compliant compartments shall be supplied with ADA paddle handle.

2.07 Mounting Hardware - Chrome plated Zamac stirrup brackets shall be used to mount panels and pilasters. Pilaster trim shoes shall be 304 stainless steel with #4 satin finish. Mounting hardware shall be secured with tamper resistant sheet metal screws.

2.08 Construction Design - Compartments shall be floor anchored with angle bracket mounting system. Integral leveling bolt provides proper height adjustment. Floor anchoring system shall be concealed by a stainless steel trim shoe. Aluminum headrail with anti-grip profile shall provide overhead bracing and span all compartments and brace the end pilaster to the back wall.


3.01 Installation - Compartments and urinal screens shall be installed in accordance with installation instructions. All components shall be rigid, straight and plumb. Doors and panels mounted 12" above the finished floor.