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Karp Insulated Exterior Access Door - MX
Karp MX Insulated Exterior Access Door is engineered to withstand years of outdoor exposure. This door is made of galvanized steel with a stainless steel hinge. These components along with Karp's electrostatic rust-inhibitive powder finish provides two durable protective layers. Karp arc-welds and grounds smooth the corners of the trim and pan, and uses a closed cell neoprene gasket to insure a watertight seal between the door and the frame. The door is insulated with styrofoam specifically designed for exterior use giving the door exceptional resistance to water and water vapor. These layers of engineering give the MX Insulated Exterior Access Door long term performance in even the most severe moisture environments. 


  • Frame shall be 18 gage galvanized steel.

  • Door shall be 18 gage galvanized steel.

  • Door shall be welded, watertight pan.

  • Corners of trim shall be welded & ground smooth.

  • Gasketing between door and frame 3/8" wide by 1/8"thick closed cell neoprene gasketing

  • Insulation shall be 1" thick polystyrene w/ 5.0 R-value @ 75 degree F temperature.
  • Hinge shall be continuous stainless steel piano hinge.
  • Latches shall be a keyed Lift & Turn Compression Latch including 

    cup sealing gasket finished in textured chrome.

  • Finish shall be prime coat of rust-inhibitive electrostatic powder,

  • baked grey enamel. 

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